Whitening Agent Stain Remover
  • Whitening Agent Stain Remover

Whitening Agent Stain Remover

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The natural whitener for all white linen in addition to any laundry.


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Whitening agent for a dazzlingly white linen - also acts against stains.
Tested successfully under dermatological control.

Effective from 30 ° C.



Sodium carbonate, Sodium carbonate peroxide, Sodium bicarbonate, Sodium sulfate, TAED, Sodium citrate, Lauryl polyglucose.



KLAR knowingly renounces odorous substances and additives that are superfluous and dangerous to health. It does not contain perfume or optical brightener, phosphate and borate. And of course: all genetic engineering is excluded!
Only of mineral and vegetable origin, the active ingredients are biodegradable at a glance.
Klar only uses substances with a clean ecobank. All Klar products are distinguished by the Eco-Guarantee Label from the independent Institut Certisys (Belgium), which guarantees exceptional ecological quality.


Extra sweetness for ultra sensitive skin.

- all products are of plant origin - except organic soap soap

- production: 100% green current

- extraordinary quality (concentrated)

- highly sustainable range certified by EcoGarantie: the highest standards for laundry / cleaning products

- without animal experimentation

- without perfume

- without optical brightener

- phosphate and borate free

- any genetic engineering is excluded

- without synthetic component

- abandonment of superfluous and critical components and additives

- no charge material for optimum performance

- substances with a clean eco-rating

- integral INCI declaration for all components

- first and only producer recommended by the German Asthma and Allergy Federation (DAAB)

- suitable for people with allergies and those particularly allergic to ultra-sensitive and ultra-mild odorants for the skin

- first producer of 100% biodegradable liquid soapwash

- high yield, economical and cheap

- smaller, manageable and convenient packaging for travel or testing

- production in southern Germany so short transport route

For stubborn tasks: See also stain remover

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