ALEPIA goat's milk soap
  • ALEPIA goat's milk soap

ALEPIA goat's milk soap

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A special soap for hypersensitive and atopic skin.


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The original recipe "bay laurel oil and olive oil" is enriched with goat's milk.

It is MADE IN FRANCE with strict respect for tradition and under the watchful eye of the Master soap maker from Aleppo.

This exceptional soap is obtained by a cold saponification process, which preserves all the qualities of the noble oils that go into its composition. It is the softest of all Aleppo soaps, for delicate or dry skin, and for the little ones. It soothes irritation and redness, its fragrance is very pleasant and it produces a fine and creamy foam. It is recommended for the washing and daily care of the whole family, but particularly for children. For use on the skin and hair.

Whole goat's milk gives it a unique softness and great moisturizing power, making it ideal for babies, but also for dry and sensitive skin.

INCI ingredients: sodium olivate (olive oil) *, aqua (water), Caprae lac (goat's milk), Sodium Laurus Nobilate (bay laurel oil) *, sodium hydroxide (soda extracted from sea salt): indosable traces . 100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin. * 73% of the total ingredients are from organic farming.

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