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Breastfeeding Baby shell

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What breastfeeding mom has ever daydreamed of slipping into the fins of a beautiful mermaid.

Size: M

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Well, if you haven’t yet…you can! Maternity and the choice to breastfeed doesn’t have to mean depriving yourself of beauty and elegance.
We can help you achieve that magical feeling and reduce the unpleasant effects of latching-on with our pretty shells carefully harvested from the depths of the clearest blue oceans and lovingly polished by Mother Nature.

The first days and weeks of breastfeeding can be a rude awakening for new moms, especially if your little one is a voracious eater! Originally a technique used in Nordic countries, our shells provide a 100% natural solution to protect and prevent painful cracked nipples so you can focus on the pleasures of breastfeeding.

Baby Shell breastfeeding shells are carefully selected, polished and calibrated by Babyshell to position themselves comfortably on the tips of your breasts. Besides making you feel like a pretty mermaid, the smoothness and coolness of the shell’s interior quickly soothe the burning sensation that baby can induce during feedings.

The natural antiseptic and healing properties of breastmilk have been known for centuries. It’s a shame to not use those very properties to heal sore nipples instead of letting it stick to lingerie or go to waste in breastfeeding pads.

Baby Shell shells harness this healing power of breastmilk by allowing you to express several drops into each shell before placing them on your nipples, creating a sort of milk bandage. 

Some other benefits of breastfeeding Baby Shell are the protection they offer against friction from lingerie, clothing, etc, on sore, sensitive nipples, protecting your clothes from small leaks between feedings and the fact that they are 100% reusable!

Benefits of breast shells BABY SHELL

  • the Baby Shells should be placed directly on the tips of your breasts
  • They offer protection against frictions from lingerie, bras and clothing…
  • Prevention and treatment of cracks. Promotes repair of the nipple thanks to the virtues of the mother’s milk (healing, antiseptic, anti inflammatory) which remains in contact with the nipples. Healing in a humid environment Treatment of cracks with frequent results in 24h
  • the goal is to protect your fragile nipples and keep them cool! The smooth surface of the shell should give you a feeling of soothing freshness
  • Keep your favourite cream or ointment in contact with the nipple and prevent staining of clothing.
  • Used to collect milk – contains small losses of milk, can therefore replace the pad if the losses are small.


  • wash your shells regularly with warm soapy water (do not boiled them)
  • not recommended for prolonged or 24 hour use (not all day or all night)
  • let your nipples “breathe” as often as possible
  • discontinue use in case of infection or severe cracking and contact your midwife, doula, or obstetrician immediately and use the SilverCup until it's gone. 
  • remove before breastfeeding your baby
  • do not used if known allergy to shells
  • do not leave in the reach of babies/children
  • the Baby shells are reusable
  • they are 100% natural, polished and calibrated by han


We recommend that you choose your size according to that of your areola.

SMALL: between 5 and 5.5cm - MEDIUM: between 5.5 and 6cm - LARGE: more than 6cm

The size M is that which corresponds to the majority of the mothers

To choose the size of your pair of shells, take into account the diameter of your areola.
To choose the size of your pair of shells, take into account the diameter of your areola. Shells do not have to cover the entire areola but protect the nipple.

Pour choisir la taille de votre paire de coquillages, prenez en compte le diamètre de votre aréole.
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