Physiomat pregnancy belt
  • Physiomat pregnancy belt
  • Physiomat pregnancy belt

Physiomat pregnancy belt

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the pregnancy belt to make it better before birth and after also. 

Kind: Confort

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During Pregnancy:

- Sacro iliac pain with (lower back)

- Circulatory problem

- Hypermobility the pubic symphysis

- Ligament pain syndrome (Lacomme)

- Feeling of heaviness

- Frequent urination

- Urinary incontinence

- Uterine contractility


In Postpartum

- Pain in the spine (neck, upper back, kidneys)

- Sacro iliac pain (lower back)

- Pain in the pubic symphysis

- Feeling of heaviness

- Urinary incontinence

- For caesarean section to relieve tension



And also:

- Surgery for abdominal or pelvic floor

(Hysterectomy, prolapse and hernia)

- For hypermobile

- For jobs 'at risk' of prolapse requiring

standing work (eg nurses, midwives, hairdressers)

carry weight

- Among athletes seeking much mobility

pelvis and spine

- For women who have stress incontinence


Unlike lumbar belts that immobilize the spine and give passive support, belt physiomat stabilizes the sacroiliac joint and produces a nutation against sacred. There are reduced hyperlordosis, auto magnification, move the center of gravity and arch support, increased stability and distal force. (Scientific studies). This static acts directly on the abdominal muscles, strengthening the transverse abdominal lower repositioning the viscera upward and backward, which tones all the abdominal muscles deep, protects and stimulates the pelvic floor toning perineum.

By recovery and position of the sternum, the diaphragm is moving, breathing is freer, improved blood circulation. The column is erect, the back muscles are strengthened and the forces developed during efforts are reflected back to the sacrum, and not to the lower abdomen and urogenital hiatus. Far from being a passive support belt physiomat is working the back muscles, abdomen and pelvis.

The positioning belt is very important (see video). It should in no circumstances place the lumbar spine. Positioning is one of the belts used for belly dancing to martial arts, to backpacks.


The belt does not immobilize physiomat but instead increases the dynamic range and resistance.

It is thus indicated as in case of weakening abdominoperineal for sports practices and porting efforts.


Instructions for use and installation of the belt:

The belt moves the pelvis horizontally at the sacroiliac back and just above the femoral hip joint and the pubic symphysis.

Belt rests on clothing and does not require undressing to put on and remove.


The belt focuses standing required.

It must be easily removed during prolonged sitting in particular for pregnant women.


Duration of use:

The belt can be worn until the end of pregnancy, for at least 21 days after birth and daily unlimited for other indications.

- The Physiomat Tonic belt is recommended for athletes, small people, little lax. Size 36-38

- The Physiomat Comfort belt is recommended for more mobile pools, hyperlaxes, hips more luscious. Size 40 and up.

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