NATY Eco panty liner
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NATY Eco panty liner

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The ECO by Naty Panty Liners are high performing and completely organic. Thanks to the fine materials of wood pulp and cornstarch film, these liners are naturally breathable for ultimate comfort. In addition to being totally free of plastic and harmful chemicals, the various parts of our women care assortment are all either biodegradable or compostable – all the way to the packaging. We believe in transparency, as greenwashing is our worst enemy. With Naty, you are assured that only natural materials will ever be against your skin.

Both of the sizes – Normal and Large - are suitable for everyday use as well as a very light flow. Size Large is slightly more absorbing thanks to the bigger liner area, so it works well up to a light flow too! For a heavier flow, see our various ECO by Naty Sanitary Pads (link) options.


Naturally breathable

The cornstarch film breathes, unlike plastic, which results in an airier, drier and more comfortable panty liner.

Corn based (GM free)

We use a GM free cornstarch film as a leakage barrier. It’s fully compostable and just as effective as plastic – only gentler on your skin, as we don’t need to use any harmful chemicals.


Natural & renewable material

The main absorbent of the Naty panty liners is biodegradable wood pulp, responsibly harvested from Scandinavian forests. And the top sheet is biodegradable too!

Chlorine & Fragrance Free

Naty panty liners are 100% totally chlorine free and contain no perfume whatsoever – just another way we have reduced the amount of harmful chemicals coming into contact with your skin



Peel the adhesive protection from the back of the panty liner. Place it in your underwear and press it down firmly, as to attach the adhesive backside properly to the fabric. Done! It’s recommended that you change the liner at least every four hours for ultimate hygiene and protection.

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