Oleocalcareous Liniment
  • Oleocalcareous Liniment

Oleocalcareous Liniment

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The unique and magical product you use for your baby. 

Quantity: 250ml
Conditioning: Aluminium bottle
Variant: Huile d'olive Bio

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Liniment is an ancestral recipe from the south of France where it was used to clean babies and especially for the toilet seat.

The oleo-limestone liniment is a natural product, based on olive oil (oleo) and calcium hydroxide (limestone). The latter is commonly referred to as limewater.

This mixture has the consistency of a semi-thick yellow milk.

Use :

The liniment cleans the baby's bottom wonderfully and replaces milk bath and other wet wipes. Just put a little nut of the mixture on a cotton or washable towel. There is no need to rinse and this would be counterproductive, as its texture leaves a protective greasy film that evitate friction and moisture from the layers.

Some moms use it as a make-up remover, to remove remnants of wax or plaster, as a nourishing cream, etc.

It can also be used against infants' crusts of milk or to wash the face of older children.

A bottle with a soap pump is very suitable for putting the necessary amount on the cotton. Limewater has cleansing and purifying properties and in addition neutralizes urine urine.


Store away from light and heat. Shake before use if necessary.


The liniment can be made with different oils in which flowers have macerated. For example, the calendula macerate (marigold flowers), plant soothing and anit-inflammatory virtues, is ideal in cases of dirritations of the baby seat or for the delicate skin of newborns.

Ingredients: Organic olive oil, Lime water, Beeswax
(the one with calendula: Calendula macerates, lime water, beeswax


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